Working and living German Photographer based in Mallorca

Working for the media since 2003 . I have started as a Boomoperator ,
for Television Documentals and some movies for German and Spanish Productions .
Later in the Art Department  and many years of assistence on Productions.

  • about my Photography:

My favourite Photos describe mostlikely the Beautyness around the Coastlines of the Island.
My major interest is the Landscape Travel Photography but im also looking forward to any kind of Style and Portraying !
My main Inspiration and Energy comes from being outside in nature . Returning back from her is truly inspirative and one of my main Sources of the Spice for being creative.

  • Lightpainting :

With this passion for nature my eyes are mainly always focused on interesting shapes , shades of light and structures out there being worth to be photographed  for me !!!!

I love Longexposures and Sunsets and the Light after the Sun sat down.

Im offering Photoworkshops for those who are willing to improve their creative process and to develop their skills to make more beautiful Photos. 

I shoot promotional ,documental works such as reporting on events , Arts ,  and i shoot Weddings and Propertys

For my Photoworkshops on the Island : Please ask for the next :

Workshops please !!!


My Artworks are available for Buyers , even small or bigger Formats.

Please visit my shop : or

 write an Email for further Information , or call me please under :

Jan Postel

0034 - 686391059

Please note and respect :

All of this shown Content belongs to jan postel , please do not Download without any permission.

Thank you very much for your care and for sharing your time .


Jan Christoph Postel


Jan Postel
Cami Son Xorc / Taltavull
07630 Campos / Islas Baleares / Mallorca
CIF : ES X 3763505 S



mobile  -  0034 686391059 


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